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CNY Special (9)

CNY Cookies Gift Box A 新年好饼礼盒 A (5 Type cookies/set)

RM88.00 RM128.00

CNY Cookies Gift Box B 新年好饼礼盒 B (5 Type cookies+260g Salted Egg Ngaku Chips/Set)

RM108.00 RM148.00

God of Fortune Wealthy Cake (1kg +/-)

RM139.00 RM189.00

Salted Egg Ngaku Chips (260g +/-)

RM22.00 RM25.00

Classic Pineapple Roll (900g +/-)

RM24.00 RM28.00

Crumbly Peanut Candy Cookies Bar (320g +/-)

RM22.00 RM25.00

Nutty Almond Cookies (340g +/-)

RM22.00 RM25.00

Spicy Prawn Roll (320g +/-)

RM22.00 RM25.00

Melt-in-Mouth German Butter Cookies (360g +/-)

RM22.00 RM25.00