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Sponge Layer Cake Delivery -  Freshly Baked Guaranteed + Wide Range Of Sponge Layer Cakes. We Are Dedicated To Provide The Best Sponge Layer Cake For You. Order Cake Online Now!

Looking for something cottony, fluffy & light! Get Yippii Gift Sponge Layer Cake then! We have flavors from simple & classic to funky & refreshing one that everyone gonna non-stop munching on! cake to an innovative one! They all have amazingly good texture that's moist but light & fluffy at the same time. We have every kids favourite Unicorn Over the Rainbow Sponge Cake, Rich chocolate sponge like Opera, Banana Chocolate, Brownie & more! If you looking for refreshing one, do check out Mango Mousse or Green Tea. You won't go wrong with these cake~

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