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[HALAL CERTIFIED] Ayam Salai/Halal Bakwa/Dried Meat - YippiiGift
[HALAL CERTIFIED] Ayam Salai/Halal Bakwa/Dried Meat - YippiiGift
[HALAL CERTIFIED] Ayam Salai/Halal Bakwa/Dried Meat - YippiiGift
[HALAL CERTIFIED] Ayam Salai/Halal Bakwa/Dried Meat - YippiiGift
[HALAL CERTIFIED] Ayam Salai/Halal Bakwa/Dried Meat - YippiiGift
[HALAL CERTIFIED] Ayam Salai/Halal Bakwa/Dried Meat - YippiiGift
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[HALAL CERTIFIED] Ayam Salai/Halal Bakwa/Dried Meat


Product in collaboration with Kyros Kebab, a Malaysian Home Grown Halal Certified Brand. ( READY STOCK WHILE IT LASTS )

Looking for a savoury, healthy meat snack? Try our exquisite Halal bakkwa. In partnership with Kyros Kebab, our Halal bakkwa is a Muslim-friendly version of the Chinese dried chicken meat favorite that can be enjoyed on special occasions or any time of the year.

Our Muslim-friendly bakkwa is perfect for your consumption or as a gift for all Malaysians during festive celebrations. Whether you're celebrating an occasion, hosting a family gathering, or simply craving a delicious snack, Halal bakkwa is an excellent snack choice.

Made from 100% chicken breast meat for a healthier alternative

Prepared using traditional recipes and time-honored techniques, our Halal bakkwa boasts rich, savory flavors that are sure to delight your senses. Made from halal-certified chicken breast meat, our halal bakkwa makes for a healthier treat. It is also smoked to perfection using Bakau wood charcoal for hints of smokiness.

Convenient packaging

Each piece is 60g-80g to ensure the perfect bite feel and texture for a delectable mouthfeel.

Our Muslim-friendly bakkwa is available in a convenient packaging option, making it easy to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Each package contains 500g of Halal bakkwa, perfect for quick snacking. If you need more for gifting to your friends and family, we offer a “Buy 4, free 1” option.

Additional info:

  • 500g per pack
  • Honey Marinated.
  • Daily Grilled.
  • Legal Abattoir
  • Local Self-Making Fresh Meat
  • Individual Vacuum Pack.
  • Expiry Date: min 30-45 Days (Room Temperature).  

How to order:

Delivery fees are calculated at checkout based on postcode.

Delivery Details:

  1. Delivery fee for 1 packet will be based on postcode. Range between RM15 to RM35.
  2. For orders of 2 (two) packets, shipping fee is flat rate RM8.
  3. Free shipping for orders of 3 (three) packets and above. 

For delivery outside Klang Valley via postage, please WhatsApp us

FAQs for Halal Bakkwa

Can I be ensured that your Halal bakkwa is of premium quality?

Yes. Our Halal bakkwa is crafted using only the highest-quality meats and ingredients, ensuring a superior taste and texture in every bite. We also utilize halal-certified processes, so you can rest assured that our bakkwa meets the strictest standards of quality and integrity.

Is your Halal bakkwa a healthier snack choice?

Yes. Our Muslim-friendly bakkwa is made with the leanest cuts of chicken breast meat and carefully selected ingredients. This ensures that our bakkwa offers a nutritious option for satisfying your cravings. It's also a great source of protein and energy, making it an ideal snack for busy days or as a post-workout treat.

Can anyone enjoy your Halal bakkwa?

While our Halal bakkwa is made for Muslim consumption in mind, we intend to make it enjoyable for all Malaysians, regardless of their faith. It's our way of connecting everyone who calls this country home.

What is the expiry date of this Halal bakkwa?

The average shelf life of our Halal bakkwa is 30 to 45 days at room temperature. It can be extended to 6 months in the fridge if it is unopened.

How can I store my Halal Bakkwa to maintain freshness?

  • Keep your bakkwa in a cool and dry place in an airtight container.
  • Allow warm bakkwa to cool before storing to prevent condensation and mold.
  • Store away from direct sunlight to prevent bakkwa from turning rancid.
  • Consume freshly barbecued bakkwa within 5-7 days of purchase.
  • Freeze bakkwa if it is not consumed immediately. It can be stored in the freezer for about one month.

For delivery outside Klang Valley via postage, please whatsapp customer service at https://wa.me/601113171195

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tasty Bakwa

Tasty high quality bakwa. Very fast delivery. Highly recommended.

The best halal bakwa

Very delicious and quality bakwa

Sharifah Munira
Delicious and authentic!

Individually wrapped and easy for long term storage in the freezer. This was a great find and its actually good. Grew up eating it and to be halal compliant as adults, its been challenging to find halal bakwa.

FaceBook : Abe Ross

During our CNY celebration in JB, i managed to get hold of these Halal Chicken Bakwa from @yippiigift
1. Ordering from their website was super easy
2. Delivery was on time, and Spot On.
3. The presentation of packaging was nice and very CNY design crafted. It is very easy to make the Bakwa as gifts to your loved ones.
4. Each slice was individually vacuum packed and very hygienic.
5. Taste - not oily and very tasty. Take a slice, wrap them in bread wraps, and toast them wraps. YUMMSS !!