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Hazelnut Torte Sponge Cake-Sponge Layer Cake-YippiiGift - Online Cake Delivery
Hazelnut Torte Sponge Cake-Sponge Layer Cake-YippiiGift - Online Cake Delivery
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Torte Hazelnut Sponge Cake


Hazelnut Torte Sponge Cake

The Hazelnut Torte cake has a sophisticated, nutty taste where the bittersweet chocolate mousse sandwiched between fluffy vanilla sponge, coated with aromatic roasted hazelnuts and sweet caramelized sugar beautifully came together as one dazzling cake

  • HAZELNUT TORTE SPONGE CAKE: Whether you’re looking for cake as a gift or for your own consumption. You won't regret on picking this cake.
  • SIZE & WEIGHT: 8"
  • QUALITY: One of the best Hazelnut Torte Sponge Cake on Klang Valley today and probably the last sponge cake you will ever want to try! You can check on our reviews.
  • ALWAYS FRESH: This Hazelnut Torte Sponge Cake is baked fresh in Yippii Gift Kitchen, then deep freeze it to lock in the delicious freshness.
  • PERFECT: The perfect Hazelnut Torte Sponge Cake for wedding gift, birthdays, father’s day, mother’s day, festive season, Christmas and any other holiday celebration or occasion.
  • STORAGE: Refrigerate
  • SHELF LIFE: 2-3 days
  • Delivery: Open for online order and delivery to doorstep from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm.

* Take Note:

Your cake will be arriving in Frozen Condition. Please thaw your cake in Chiller or at room temperature for 1~2 hours before serving.

Kindly keep the cake in fridge (0-4°C) and consume within 2~3 days.