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Yippii Gift | 63th Merdeka Rasa Malaysia Cake Series

by Yippii Admin on August 31, 2020

Yippii Gift Rasa Malaysia Cake Series

Ehhh, Boss! 💬🧔

Betul ke, ondeh-ondeh kuih dalam kek ni?!

👨‍🦳 Betul, adik! Cuba je~


YES YES! We incorporate Malaysian's Favourites both Ondeh-Ondeh & Panda Kaya in Cakes! What's even better? We are giving 【31% off】on these Rasa Malaysia Series Cake! Promotion valid on 24/8 - 31/8 only.


Whether you are team ondeh-onder or pandan kaya, we are very sure you will be hook and addicted to this series of Rasa Malaysia series cake.


💚Team Ondeh-Ondeh:

Nyonya kuih inspired cake coated with fresh grated coconut flakes. Sandwiched between layered of fluffy pandan sponge with fragant gula melaka. Ahhh, that's the taste of childhood! 🧒👧


💛Team Pandan Kaya

Kopitiam inspired cake using light fluffy pandan fragant crepes layered with freshly whipped kaya cream. Irresitable caramelised sugar infused with eggy taste definitely trigger the nostalgic trip down memory lane! ⛹‍♀⛹


Let's eat cake today! Together we celebrate this special day for Malaysia. It's in time of adversity, we discover who we are and what we are made of. Stay vigilant & Happy Merdeka Day. Order cake today and deliver to klang valley within same day!