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Gender Reveal Cakes

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Unicorn Cake 6 Inch (With Toy)


Mini Character Design Cake 3 Inch - Pastel Unicorn


Unicorn Star Cake 6 Inch (With Toy)


Mini Character Design Cake 3 Inch - Yellow Chick


Unicorn Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Baby Chick Cake 4 inch (Fondant)


Unicorn Clouds Cake (Toy) D6" H5.5"


Unicorn Fantasy Cake 6 Inch (With Toy)


Egg Tray Chicks Cake 8 Inch


Gender Reveal Cake Set

Gender Reveal Cakes

Celebrate Your Baby Shower with a Memorable Gender Reveal Cake

At Yippii Gift, we understand the joy and excitement surrounding a baby shower, especially when it comes to revealing the gender of your little one. That's why we offer a delightful collection of baby shower cakes to make your celebration sweet and memorable. Our cakes are beautifully crafted to announce the gender of your newborn, be it a boy or a girl. 

Adorable Cakes for Baby Boys and Girls

We believe every gender reveal cake should be as cute as your little one. Whether it’s a baby prince or a princess, our cakes will bring joy and charm to your baby shower. 

Browse our cakes from cute animal themes to delicate floral designs; each cake is a delightful art. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can I find specific cakes for boys or girls at Yippii Gift?

Yes, we have a selection of adorable cakes designed for boys and girls. Whether you want a cake featuring traditional boy or girl motifs or prefer something more unique, our collection has the perfect cake to celebrate the gender of your baby. Contact us now to discuss your cake preference.

Should I get a cake for a baby shower?

Adding a cake to your baby shower celebration is a wonderful way to enhance the joy and excitement of the occasion. A baby shower cake serves as a centerpiece, symbolizing the upcoming arrival of your little one. Get the Gender Reveal Cake Set. It adds a touch of sweetness and celebration to the event, creating beautiful memories for you and your guests.

What words do you put on a baby shower cake?

Personalizing a baby shower cake with words can make it even more special. Common choices for words on a baby shower cake include the baby's name, phrases like "Welcome Baby Boy/Girl," "Oh Baby!," or "A Little Prince/Princess," or sweet messages conveying love and anticipation. Our skilled bakers can help you choose the perfect words to express your joy and excitement for your newborn.

Which cake is best for a baby shower?

When choosing a cake for a baby shower, it's important to consider flavors that are generally well-received. Classic options like vanilla, chocolate, or combinations are always popular. Additionally, flavors like lemon, strawberry, or carrot cake can add a delightful twist. Browse our collection of welcome baby cakes below.

Can I customize a gender reveal cake?

We understand that every baby shower is unique. If you have specific customization requests for your gender reveal cake, we are happy to accommodate them. Our team will work closely with you to create a cake that perfectly matches your vision and adds a personalized touch to your celebration. Whatsapp us now!