• Customize your cakes and have it delivered within 4 hours*T&C applies. All Cakes are Made with Halal Ingredients Only.

Wedding Cakes

Minimalist White Pink 3s Rose Ribbon Cake 6 Inch


Cupcake - Chanel Theme 6pcs (Fondant)


Minimalist Floral Wedding Cake 6 Inch (Eucalyptus, Matthiola, Rose)


Cupcake - Gender Reveal 12pcs (Fondant)


Cupcake - Red Wedding 6pcs (Fondant)


Cupcake - Teddy Bear 12pcs (Fondant)


Minimalist White Pink 10s Rose Eustoma Cake 6 Inch


Wedding Cake Set (White 3 Tier)


Wedding Cake Set (White 2 Tier)


Wedding Cake Set (Red)

Wedding cakes

We offer a delightful collection of wedding cakes crafted with love and attention to detail. Select from various types of wedding cake designs, from simple, and traditional to inspiring wedding cake creations that will be the highlight of your wedding day.

With our convenient online ordering and delivery services, your gorgeous wedding cake is just a few clicks away. WhatsApp us now if you want to customise your wedding cake with your preferred flavour or style.

Stunning Tiered Wedding Cakes

Our tiered wedding cakes are the epitome of elegance and style. Each tier is perfectly crafted to create a breathtaking centrepiece for your special day. You can choose a 3-tier or 2-tier wedding cake depending on your preference for a simple or intricate design.

White wedding cakes symbolize purity, elegance, and new beginnings. Our white wedding cakes are meticulously crafted to reflect these qualities, providing a stunning focal point for your reception. From traditional designs to contemporary styles, our white wedding cakes will surely capture the essence of your love story and create lasting memories for you and your guests.

You can also select your choice of flavor: chocolate moist or red velvet cream cheese.

The wedding cake set package includes a set of Buttercream Cupcakes, Cake Pop, Donuts and Fondant Cookies, completing the lovely edible cake decoration.

Browse our tier cakes:

Red Wedding Cakes - Bold and Beautiful for a Striking Statement

If you want to make a bold statement on your wedding day, our red wedding cakes are the perfect choice. Symbolizing passion, love, and excitement, these vibrant cakes are designed to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Browse our exquisite Wedding Cake Set (Red) and discover how the captivating design can elevate your wedding celebration. Whether you opt for a traditional Chinese theme or a modern aesthetic with a touch of drama and flair, our red wedding cakes will truly make your special day memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can I order wedding cakes online from Yippii Gift?

Yes! Our convenient online delivery system allows you to browse and select your desired wedding cake from our collection. Kindly WhatsApp Charmmy now to place an order and get a detailed quotation.

Do you have options for simple wedding cake designs?

Yes, we understand the beauty of simplicity. Sometimes, less is more. Our collection features an array of simple wedding cake designs that exude timeless charm. These cakes are perfect for couples seeking a classic and understated aesthetic.

Whether you prefer a pristine white wedding cake or a minimalist design, our simple wedding cakes will complement any theme or décor, adding a touch of sophistication to your celebration. Kindly WhatsApp Charmmy now to discuss your wedding cake design preferences.

Can I customize my wedding cake?

Select your preferred cake flavor and design, and have a personal message written on the cake. Add that special touch to make it a truly personalized and unique wedding cake. Kindly WhatsApp Charmmy now to discuss your wedding cake customisation ideas.

What does your wedding cake set include?

Our wedding cake set includes a cake knife and a cake server, which are used for cutting and serving a wedding cake during the cake-cutting ceremony. The cake knife is a long, slender knife designed for cutting through cake layers, while the cake server is a flat utensil with a wide, angled blade for lifting and transferring individual cake slices. Our wedding cake set package may include additional items like cake forks or decorative accessories such as a cake stand or cake topper.