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Monthly Promo (7)

Opera Sponge Cake

RM85.00 RM125.00

Carrot Walnut Cake

RM65.00 RM105.00

Classic Mille Crepe Cake Buffet (4 Slices)

RM45.00 RM60.00

Premium Mille Crepe Cake Buffet (4 Slices)

RM60.00 RM72.00

Cheese Cake + Sponge Cake Buffet (2+2 Slices)

RM38.00 RM60.00

Fantastic 5 ( 5 Flavors x 2 Slices )

RM139.00 RM169.00

Perfect Ten (10 Flavors)

RM139.00 RM169.00