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Yippii Gift | Tropical Mango Mille Crepe Cake

by Yippii Gift on October 23, 2020
Yippii Gift | 4 Grid Mango Mille Crepe Cake
Everyday is Mangonificient 犒劳自己“芒”碌的一天了呗 🥭🧡

Live your everyday afresh just like our tropical summer mango mille crepe cake! Handpicked mango supply from the farm that guarantee you nothing but its freshness! Did you spotted those big chunks of mango that couldn't hide themselves under those paper-thin crepes? Just one bite to indulge yourself with a mouthful of bursting juicy mango flesh! 😋

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让我们在这“芒”碌的一天给你“芒芒”的正能量!包你“芒”意的夏日芒果千层蛋糕。只用农场里精心挑选的芒果,确保满满的新鲜度!就是在那薄薄蛋皮地下藏也藏不住的芒果块~ 一口咬下嘴里满满的鲜甜芒果肉让你一整天的烦恼都统统忘了!充“芒”电了再出发吧~ 😍

包你“芒”意 >> https://bit.ly/2SWU2C0