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Hello Kitty Cake Collection

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Hello Kitty Cake 6 inch Pink-Gold (With Toy)


Sanrio Family Cake 6 inch (Toy)


Hello Kitty Blue-Peach Cake 6 Inch (Toy)


Hello Kitty Flower Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Cupcake - Sanrio 6 Pcs (Fondant)


Hello Kitty Mille Crepe Cake (2D)


Hello Kitty Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Hello Kitty Cake 6"D 5.5"H Baby Pink (With Toy)


Cupcake - Kuromi 4 Pcs (Fondant)


Hello Kitty-shaped cakes are a delightful invitation to indulge in the charm of one of the world's most beloved characters.

Appealing to the young and young at heart, these adorable Hello Kitty cakes will put a smile on any celebrant's face. Whether for a birthday or any other special occasion, Hello Kitty custom cakes will elevate the joyous celebration.

Hello Kitty Cake Designs

This collection offers various designs to cater to different preferences and party themes. Among the popular cake designs are the Pink-Gold Hello Kitty Cake, Mille Crepe Hello Kitty Cake, Blue-Peach Hello Kitty Cake, and Baby Pink Hello Kitty Cake.

A Hello Kitty cake, a culinary art masterpiece, adds magic to any celebration.

Order Hello Kitty Cake Online Delivery

Ordering Hello Kitty cakes in Malaysia is easy and convenient. Place your order online and have the cake delivered to your door. Alternatively, opt to self-collect at the Yippi Gift bakery in Cheras. Click on the link to open Google Maps.


What varieties are available in the Hello Kitty cake collection?

Among our varieties are Hello Kitty cakes for girls or boys. Mix and match the cake base, flavor and filling for your cake of choice. Whichever you choose, we are confident that it will not only delight the palate but also ensure a memorable experience.

What ingredients are used in Hello Kitty cakes?

Only the freshest and finest ingredients are used in our Hello Kitty cake creations. Among them are milk, butter, egg, flour, sugar, and vanilla essence, plus any add-on flavor according to your selection.

What sizes are available in the Hello Kitty Cake collection?

Our Hello Kitty collection for sale comprises cakes from 6 inches in size at an approximate weight of 650g +/-. While these are standard sizes, Hello Kitty custom cakes can be baked according to your requirements.

Is there a vegan or gluten-free option in the Hello Kitty cakes?

We are dedicated to fulfilling all your dietary needs, including crafting Hello Kitty bakes that are gluten-free or suitable for vegans. WhatsApp us to discuss your specific requirements. We are committed to making your celebration an inclusive event that everyone can enjoy.

How do I choose the perfect Hello Kitty birthday cake?

Choosing the ‘perfect’ cake can be a challenging task, especially for first-timers. The ability to capture the essence of the event will turn a simple gathering into an unforgettable experience. Here’s a simple guide that you can use.

  • First, set an overall theme or color scheme for your event. 
  • Determine the size by the number of guests.
  • Select your preferred Hello Kitty cake design and flavor. 
  • Include a Hello Kitty toy topper for the birthday girl to keep.
  • Consider any dietary restrictions or preferences. 

Can I customize a Hello Kitty cake?

Absolutely. We welcome your creativity, so feel free to share your Hello Kitty cake ideas. We will do our best to bring your vision to life by combining your personal touch with our baking expertise. Your Hello Kitty custom cake will be one of a kind.