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Sanrio Cakes

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Kuromi Cake 6 Inch (With Toy)


Cinnamoroll Cake 6 inch Blue (With Toy)


Kuromi Colorful Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Cinnamoroll Cake 6 inch Pink (With Toy)


Melody Cake 6 Inch (Toy)


Kuromi Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Cinnamoroll Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Cinnamoroll Garden Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Hello Kitty Cake 6 inch Pink-Gold (With Toy)


Sanrio Family Cake 6 inch (Toy)


Kuromi Pink Cake 6 Inch (With Toy)


Kuromi Cake Purple D6" H5.5"


Kuromi Vintage Cake 6 Inch (With Toy)


Pochacco Cake 6 Inch (With Toy)


Hello Kitty Blue-Peach Cake 6 Inch (Toy)


Melody Star Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Hello Kitty Flower Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Mille Crepe Hello Kitty Cake


Cupcake - Sanrio 6 Pcs (Fondant)


Cinnamoroll Cake 2D Fondant 3 Inch


Kuromi Cake 2D Fondant 3 Inch


Pochacco Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Melody Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Kuromi Mille Crepe Cake (2D)


Light Purple Kuromi Cake 8 inch (With Toy)


Melody Cake 2D Fondant 3 Inch


Rilakkuma Cake 6 Inch (Fondant)


Kuromi Colorful Cake 6 Inch (with Toy)


Hello Kitty Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Pompompurin (Fondant) Chocolate Drip Cake 6 Inch


Melody Cake 8 inch (Toy)


Kuromi Pink Purple 2 Tier Cake 6 Inch + 8 Inch (With Toy)


Hello Kitty Cake 6"D 5.5"H Baby Pink (With Toy)


Melody Rainbow Cake 6 Inch (Toy)


Vintage Cinnamoroll Cake 6 Inch (with Toy)


Cinnamoroll Party Cake 8 Inch (With Toy)


Kuromi Two Tier Cake 4 Inch + 6 Inch (With Toy)


Pochacco Pup Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Kuromi Pinata Cake 6 Inch


Pochacco Yellow Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Explore the enchanting world of Sanrio through delectable custom cakes that would delight anyone. These bakes will add a wonderful touch to a party or occasion that calls for something sweet.

These adorable cakes are more than just bakes with Sanrio cakes topper. They are art pieces that will captivate the hearts of your guests. Two of our best-loved Sanrio birthday cakes are the Kuromi and Rilakkuma cakes.

Whether for a child or an adult, Sanrio character cakes ensure that memories are created, lasting long after the final slice is savored. 

Fast Online Delivery for Sanrio Cakes 

Search no more for cute Sanrio cakes near me, as they are just a few clicks away. Make your cake selection and place an order at Yippiigift.com. We will deliver your cake to you in no time. For convenience, you can also choose to self-collect at Yippii Gift bakery in Cheras  (click to open Google Maps).



What characters are featured in the Sanrio cake collection?

Our Sanrio cake collection features some of the most popular characters. From Pochacco to Melody, there's a cake for every Sanrio fan. Looking for Cinnamoroll Sanrio cakes instead? We have them. Otherwise, feel free to contact us to bring your favorite Sanrio cartoon to life.

Can I customize a Sanrio cake for a special occasion?

Yes, indeed. Our service is at your command to bring your Sanrio cake ideas to reality. Whether you have a theme or concept in mind, or a specific cake design like Sanrio cupcakes, we take pride in our expertise in crafting the Sanrio cake you want. Just share your vision, and we will handle the rest to ensure you have a memorable occasion. 

What are the size options available for Sanrio cakes?

Our Sanrio cakes for girl or boy starts from a charming 4 inches in size, ideal for intimate celebrations or smaller gatherings. 

 Most Sanrio cakes come in the popular 6-inch size. This standard size proves to be a great fit for most events. 

However, we can fulfill orders for other sizes for your special event. How about Sanrio mini cakes? Just drop us a request. Our Sanrio cakes will exceed your expectations.

What ingredients are used in Sanrio cakes?

All our cakes are made with Halal-certified ingredients only. We use the freshest cake ingredients like butter, milk, egg and sugar. Each cake will have additional ingredients, such as fresh cream frosting and essence, depending on the flavors selected.

Do you offer vegan or gluten-free Sanrio cakes?

Although we do not list Sanrio cakes that are gluten-free or cakes that are suitable for vegans, we can bake these upon request. We believe that cakes are for everyone. Therefore, we will do our best to help your event be as inclusive as possible. Contact us to discuss your dietary requirements.

How long in advance should I place an order for a Sanrio cake?

To ensure that only the finest ingredients are used, we require at least a one-day advanced order. This timeframe guarantees a seamless process from placing your order to having the cake at your door in time for your special occasion. For custom cake orders, do allow a longer time for the planning. 

How can I order a Sanrio cake for same-day delivery?

We offer a same-day delivery service within the Klang Valley. The cut-off time is 2 pm (Monday - Friday). Our 4-hour cake delivery option is also available, ensuring your cake arrives in time for that special occasion. Please do WhatsApp us first to confirm and arrange.