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Sponge Cake Delivery

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Chocolate Brownie Sponge Cake


Gianduja Sponge Cake


Opera Sponge Cake


Red Velvet Sponge Cake


Carrot Walnut Cake


Almond Tiramisu Cake - 8 Inch Sponge Cake


Green Tea Sponge Cake


Vanilla Sponge Cake 8 Inch + Strawberries & Blueberries deco


Sponge Cake Delivery -  Freshly Baked Guaranteed + Wide Range Of Sponge Layer Cakes. We Are Dedicated To Provide The Best Sponge Layer Cake For You. Order Sponge Cake Online Now!

Looking for something cottony fluffy & light sponge cake to savour? Get Yippii Gift Sponge Layer Cake! We have flavors from simple & classic to funky sponge chiffon cakes like Almond Tiramisu Sponge Cake, Red Velvet Sponge Cake, and Carrot Walnut Sponge Cake.

Choose from our favourite best-selling sponge cakes: rich chocolate spongecakes like: Opera Sponge Cake, Banana Chocolate, Chocolate Brownie & more! If you looking for a refreshing one, try our Green Tea Red Bean Sponge Cake. You won't go wrong with these sponge cakes!

Choose from Online Delivery Sponge Cakes listed here. Simply order the spongecakes before 1.00 pm (Monday to Friday), and we will deliver right to your doorstep within 4 hours!

Call or Whatsapp us now if you have any questions, special requests, or enquiries.