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Unicorn Cake Designs

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Rainbow Crepe Cake (Slice)


Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake


Traffic Light Fresh Fruit Mille Crepe Cake


Unicorn Cake 6 Inch (With Toy)


Mini Character Design Cake 3 Inch - Pastel Unicorn


Unicorn Star Cake 6 Inch (With Toy)


Rainbow Unicorn Cake (2D) Mille Crepe


Rainbow Happy BDay Cake 6 Inch


Unicorn Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


My Little Pony Cake 6 Inch (With Toy) A


Cupcake - Pastel Unicorn 12 Pcs (Fondant)


6 Inch Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake


Unicorn Clouds Cake (Toy) D6" H5.5"


My Little Pony Cake 6 Inch (With Toy) B


Unicorn Fantasy Cake 6 Inch (With Toy)


Browse enchanting Unicorn Cake designs baked exclusively at YippiiGift! Every bite of our meticulously crafted unicorn design cakes promises a taste of heaven, making every celebration magical and unforgettable for kids! 

Unicorn Cake for Girl

Our unicorn cakes for girls are decorated with colourful hues of pink and purple, sprinkled with edible glitter that sparkles as brightly as your little princess. Each cake is a masterpiece, promising a visual treat and an explosion of flavors with every bite. Delight your birthday girl with our Unicorn Cake 6 Inch (With Toy) now!

Unicorn Cake for Boy

Who says unicorns are only for girls? At YippiiGift, we break the stereotypes with our spectacular unicorn cakes for birthday boys. Adorned in blues, greens, and every color your little warrior adores, these cakes promise an adventure in every bite. Surprise your little boy hero with the Rainbow Unicorn Cake (2D) Mille Crepe!

Order Unicorn Cake Online Delivery

Browse our variety of Unicorn cake designs and place your Unicorn Cake order now. With our prompt and efficient online delivery, your lovely handcrafted unicorn cake will arrive at your doorstep fresh for your party!


Why choose a Unicorn Cake?

Wondering why unicorn cakes are a great choice? Unicorn cakes were a big hit in 2021 and are known for their eye-catching and colorful designs. A unicorn cake, decorated with bright colors, sparkly confetti, and sweet toppings like fondant horns and cotton candy, looks like something from a fairy tale.

Children are huge fans of these cakes - they're often a favorite for birthday parties. Unicorn cakes taste as good as they look. They come in different shapes and sizes, and even as cupcakes, so there's something for everyone.

And guess what? Some look like mermaids and queens with decorations like tails and crowns. The flavors are fantastic, from chocolate and butter cake to special ones like salted caramel mango custard. Simply put, these cakes make your eyes and taste buds happy!

Do you offer customized unicorn birthday cakes?

Absolutely! We specialize in creating unique unicorn cakes tailored to your preferences for both girls and boys. Share your ideas, and let us weave our magic! Whatsapp us now. We are here to make your child's birthday celebration an enchanting one.

What flavors are available in unicorn design cakes?

Our unicorn cakes come in a variety of flavors - from classic vanilla and rich chocolate to exotic red velvet and more. Each promises a mystical journey of taste.