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Yippii Gift | Happy Father's Day!

by Yippii Gift on June 24, 2021
💗Lean into dad's sweet tooth this year with Father's Day Cake that he can't resist! Shout out Love to the most important man in your life!✨
隆重推出两款新口味,一同庆祝父亲节!就像每个人心中的那位英雄,一样,特别、独一🥇~ 这个父亲节,把蛋糕和心意送到他面前,感谢一直以来的养育之恩!😎
💥Super duper Special Flavour launching this Month in conjunction with Father’s Day! Dedicate to deliver all the love & appreciation through this Father’s Day Celebration!

父亲节新口味千层蛋糕 Special Limited Crepe Cake Flavour:
🎂马六甲椰糖椰子千层 Coconut Gula Melaka 8” Whole Crepe Cake
🥥当椰糖遇上椰子,所有的童年回忆顿时涌上心头~ 让这款蛋糕带爸爸重温与孩子们的美丽时光!
Dads going to enjoy this sumptuous rich & creamy aromatic Gula Melaka on the top of Mille Crepe with sprinkles of coconut zests. Definitely won't go wrong to get this all-time favourite for DADs.🥥

酸甜柠檬芝士千层 Lemon Cheese 8” Whole Crepe Cake
My dad isn’t a sweet tooth! Let’s surprise him with this refreshing cake combination this year! Zesty and delightfully lemon cheese sandwiched in between those delicately thin mille crepes, go perfectly well as a dessert after a warm & intimate dinner for DADs!🧀

😍父亲节特惠 Father's Day Special promo:
✨RM 129 (RM 149) | 早鸟优惠价 Early Bird Price
✨RM 149 | 双份喜悦千层海绵蛋糕配套 Double Happiness Mille Crepe + Sponge Cake Set
*免运费 + 父亲节蛋糕插牌 "Super Dad"
*Enjoy Free Delivery, Free Cake Topper "Super Dad"!🤸‍♀️

Grab more cakes to celebrate!😝
🤸‍♀️Just add on RM20 for additional 0.5kg Sponge Cake Flavours:
✨红丝绒 Red Velvet Sponge Cake
✨巧克力榛子 Gianduja Sponge Cake
✨日式绿茶红豆 Green Tea Sponge Cake
✨歌剧欧培拉 Opera Sponge Cake
🛒 Double Happiness Father's Day Cake Combo >> https://bit.ly/3oVRcw6
早鸟价优惠期限 Promotional Period: 31/5/2021 - 13/6/2021
*需符合条规 T&C Apply
😘 Don’t missed out on our special flavour crepe cake to celebrate with your hero!🤩

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🛒 订购父亲节蛋糕 Order now >>https://bit.ly/3oVRcw6
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