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Yippii Gift | Sweetest Cake Buffet in Town!

by Yippii Gift on June 24, 2021
👻在家也能吃甜点!Yippii 要让你在家也能吃到 #一流的CakeBuffet🤙
🌈Worry not! You can still enjoy delish Cake Buffet at home safely despite MCO!
🤙Look! We've a broad variety of cake choices for you to mix and match with price as low as 【RM 38】 only!
🥰YippiiGift 常常说,大家开心就是最开心!现在出门好危险,有了我们家的 #CakeBuffet 🤭,简直是小确幸,可以好好窝在家里安心享受甜甜蛋糕!✨
👻Stay safe and stay sweet with our #CakeBuffet, choose from Mille Crepe Cake, Cheesecake or Fluffy Sponge Cake to fix your sweet cravings during this MCO!

多达 7 款 Cake Buffet 任你选、高达30多种口味可选!不论你是大家庭,甜蜜情侣,和朋友一起都可以根据食量做选择哟~💥
✨7 Cake Buffet Choices with over 30+ Flavours to pick from:
💜爆款千层蛋糕拼盘 Top Selling Mille Crepe Cake Buffet
Mille Crepe Cake ( 4 Slices) RM 45
Mille Crepe Cake ( 6 Slices) RM 60
🛒 经典切片千层 Mille Crepe Cake Buffet >> https://bit.ly/3toyiP8
Premium Mille Crepe Cake (4 Slices) RM 60
🛒 独家精选切片千层 Premium Mille Crepe Cake Buffet >> https://bit.ly/3ekzoHr

哇,超多超多得选择 ~ 今天吃 #榴莲 , 明天吃 #oreocheese ,还有独家的 #巧克力薄荷#百香果 等等30种口味来满足你的甜点瘾啦!🤸‍♀️赶紧到 YippiiGift 带走你的 Cake Buffet!
💥We’re here to make your every single day, week, and month fill with the love from cakes!👻 Try out our favourite #Durian, #Oreo #MintChocolate and more! Grab now only at YippiiGift.com!

🛒 More Cake Buffet From RM 38 >> https://bit.ly/3ei3gUM
🛒 More Cake Buffet From RM 38 >> https://bit.ly/3ei3gUM

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