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Cinnamoroll Cake Designs

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Cinnamoroll Cake 6 inch Blue (With Toy)


Cinnamoroll Cake 6 inch Pink (With Toy)


Cinnamoroll Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Cinnamoroll Garden Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Cinnamoroll Cake 2D Fondant 3 Inch


Vintage Cinnamoroll Cake 6 Inch (with Toy)


Cinnamoroll Party Cake 8 Inch (With Toy)


As the go-to Cinnamoroll bakery for flavorful Cinnamoroll Cake, our Cinnamoroll-themed cake is a delight for all cake lovers, especially those who enjoy a Kawaii cake as their party centerpiece. If you are looking to order a Sanrio character cake, Yippii Gift is your go-to choice. We specialize in both cute and cartoon character cakes.

Already have a Cinnamoroll cake design in mind? Drop us a message to bake your one-of-a-kind Custom Cinnamoroll cake for any occasion! No matter what Cinnamoroll cake design you are after, we strive to bring your Cinnamoroll cake ideas to life and straight to your doorstep.

From birthdays to parties, our Cinnamoroll birthday cake is a hit among children and adults alike. With our attention to detail and commitment to quality by using only the freshest ingredients, we've got you covered whether you want a character cake for kids or character-themed desserts. 

Let's just say, a party is not a party until there's a Cinnamoroll party cake to add that extra touch of joy and flair.


Order Cinnamoroll cake online delivery

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How do I order a Cinnamoroll cake near me?

Simply visit the Yippii Gift Cinnamoroll Cake webpage and select your desired Cinnamoroll cake among the options. We receive orders online, with a delivery service within the Klang Valley. Feel free to Contact Us should you require assistance.

Where to buy Cinnamoroll cakes?

Buy Cinnamoroll-themed cakes at Yippii Gift! Visit our bakery shop in Cheras (click to open Google Maps) or order it from our online shop for delivery. Our cakes are beautifully decorated and will be a delightful treat for fans of Cinnamoroll.

Can I customize a Cinnamoroll cake design?

Yes, of course. You can customize a Cinnamoroll cake decoration at Yippii Gift. We offer a variety of designs and accommodate personal touches because we know that each celebration is unique. Feel free to share your ideas with us and we will bring them to life. 

What ingredients are used in the Cinnamoroll cakes?

Besides the typical ingredients of flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, and butter to form the base of a delicious Cinnamoroll cake recipe, frosting and icing may include powdered sugar or cream cheese. We also use food coloring for decoration to bring out the Cinnamoroll cake's iconic features.

Do the Cinnamoroll cakes come with accessories or add-ons?

Yes, we decorate our cakes with cinnamoroll cake topper (toy) and message cards as required. Don't forget to specify the number of big or small candles needed when placing your order so that we can include them in our delivery. 

Can I include a personalized message with my Cinnamoroll cake order?

Absolutely. We have a gift card message service with every order, allowing up to 150 letters so that you can attach a personal message with your Cinnamoroll cake. Craft your heartfelt note to ensure a memorable celebration.

How far in advance do I need to order a Cinnamoroll cake?

We welcome orders at least two days in advance to ensure timely preparation and delivery, guaranteeing the freshest and meticulously crafted Cinnamoroll cake in Malaysia.