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Mini Cake

Fresh Fruit Cake 3 inch Chantilly - Strawberry


Fresh Fruit Cake 3 inch Chantilly - Grape


Mini Magnum Chantilly Cake 3 Inch - Hazelnut


Fresh Fruit Cake 3 inch Chantilly - Mango


Mini Magnum Chantilly Cake 3 Inch - Yam


Fresh Fruit Cake 3 inch Chantilly (Strawberry, Blueberry, Grape, Mango Passion)


Mini Magnum Chantilly Cake 3 Inch - Green Tea


Fresh Fruit Cake 3 inch Chantilly - Blueberry


Mini Magnum Chantilly Cake 3 Inch - Mango Passion


Mini Magnum Chantilly Cake 3 inch (Hazelnut, Yam, Mango, Green Tea)


A perfectly sized treat for any occasion, these 3-inch, single-serve cakes are everything we love about big cakes in a cupcake-sized package. Whether you’re looking for an individual cake that won’t make you feel stuffed or are seeking a tasty treat for a special celebration, our selection of round mini cakes promises to always sweeten up your day.

Mini Chocolate Cake

More than just a miniature chocolate cake, our Mini Magnum Chantilly cake is a truly indulgent dessert. Featuring layers of moist chocolate cake and creamy hazelnut chantilly filling, this decadent 3-inch cake is encased in a thin layer of high-quality dark chocolate ganache and crushed peanuts, invoking the appearance of a luxurious Magnum ice-cream bar.

The fastest mini cake delivery - Order online now!

We promise to deliver your decadent desserts in no time flat. Order online now, and we’ll deliver your mini cakes to your doorstep, fresh and full of flavor. If you prefer to pick up your cakes in person, head to our Yippii Gift bakery in Cheras. Click the link to find the directions on Google Maps.

Feel free to explore our beautiful collection of round mini cakes and indulge in them for your next celebration.

FAQs on Mini Cake:

What is the difference between a mini cake and a normal-sized cake?

Mini cakes are around 3-inches to 5-inches in size, much smaller compared to a typical cake. They serve just one or two people, making them perfect for a personal celebration for two or as an individual treat.

Are these cakes good for birthdays?

Yes, of course! These mini birthday cakes are sure to please even the most discerning of celebrants. But they’re not just for birthdays, either. These indulgent cupcake-sized cakes will sweeten up weddings, anniversaries, Christmas parties, and any other special holiday celebration or occasion.

How many flavors do you offer for your mini cakes?

We offer a wide variety of flavors for our mini cakes. From exotic green tea to sweet strawberry, delicious mango to decadent yam, our flavors are guaranteed to excite your palate.

What if I can’t decide on a flavor?

Not to worry! We offer 4-in-1 sets for customers who can’t decide. Whether it’s our fresh fruit cake set or our Mini Magnum Chantilly set, we are certain that you will find your new favorite flavor.

Are your ingredients Halal-certified?

All our cakes are baked with Halal ingredients only. This ensures that our cakes are suitable for people across different faiths.

Are there any allergens in your mini cake recipe I should know?

We understand the importance of adhering to dietary restrictions. Therefore, should you have any concerns about the ingredients of our mini cakes, kindly WhatsApp us. We can tweak our mini cake recipes to accommodate your specific dietary needs and preferences, ensuring a delightful and safe indulgence for everyone.