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Kids Birthday Cake 4 Inch

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Crown Tiger Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Roadway Car Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Tree Stump Mushrooms Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Baby Chick Cake 4 inch (Fondant)


Carrot Rabbit Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Pochacco Pup Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Lovely Bunny Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Woolly Sheep Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Watermelon Lion Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Dinosaur Volcano Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Brown Cow Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Snowy Penguin Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Angry Bird Hatchling Sam-Sam Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Unicorn Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Purple Mermaid Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Astro Boy Anime Cake 4 Inch (With Toy)


Donald Duck Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Lizard Cake 4 inch (Fondant)


Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cake D4" + H5" (Toy) Buttercream


Bday Pigs Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Pochacco Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Kuromi Colorful Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Kuromi Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Melody Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Melody Star Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Cinnamoroll Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Doraemon Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Donald Duck Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Hello Kitty Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Hello Kitty Flower Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


LinaBell Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Stella Lou Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Batman Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Winnie the Pooh Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Mickey Mouse Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Minnie Mouse Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Spiderman Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Angyfrog Cake 4 Inch


Curly Sheep Cake 4 Inch


Totoro Cake 4 Inch


They’re small in size but big in flavor!

Yippii Gift’s 4-inch kids birthday cakes for kids and babies are the perfect miniature desserts for sweet tooths everywhere. Whether it’s a small birthday bash, a personal milestone or a quick self-reward, our mini 4-inch cakes are just the right size for any event!

From whimsical designs to popular characters, our mini-masterpieces are crafted to capture children’s imaginations. So whether your little one loves superheroes, cute cartoons or adorable animals, these mini 4-inch kids birthday cakes are a small but powerful way to bring boundless wonder to their special day — without the risk of leftovers!

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4-Inch Kids Bento Cakes

Bento cakes are all the rage in Korea! These simple baked treats are small enough to fit inside a lunchbox, without skimping on the flavor. They will make a cute birthday cake for anyone from kids to adults! Our Yoda Bento Drawing Cake, young Star Wars fans will love. The adorable fondant Yoda on top of this miniature dessert will charm sci-fi fans of all ages. Meanwhile, the animal-loving child will roar with joy at seeing this adorable Panda bento cake. Regardless of your choice, our bento cakes are guaranteed to bring sweet joy to your kid’s special day — and all in the convenience of a lunchbox.

Do check out our full range of delectable bento cakes for more options.

4-Inch Birthday Cake Ideas With Cartoon Characters

Who says a small cake can’t have any character? Our 4-inch kids birthday cakes come decorated with adorable toy toppers based on popular characters beloved by the young and young at heart the world over.

Little Disney fans will love our 4-inch Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cake. This 4-inch round cake is decorated with cute Mickey Mouse-themed decorations that perfectly capture the nostalgic charm and joy of everyone’s favorite cartoon character. This joyful ensemble is capped off with a pair of toy toppers based on Mickey & Minnie, bringing this delectable dessert’s cuteness into overload!

For the superhero in your child, our Batman Cake is sure to excite them! Don’t let the dark grey frosting and stoic Batman toy topper deter you, this 4-inch round cake is nothing but sweetness in a tiny treat. It’s the perfect mini-dessert for your little Caped Crusader’s birthday bash.

Whether it's a cartoon character or a superhero, our character-themed 4-inch kids birthday cakes are always big on flavor and sure to please any child on their special day. And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about any leftovers once the celebration is over.

4-Inch Birthday Cake Ideas With Animal Designs

Does your kid love animals? Then get them an adorable animal-themed birthday cake! And if you’re worried about leftovers, then these 4-inch birthday cake ideas with animal designs are perfect for you and your little one.

The Curly Sheep Cake is cuteness overload in a small package. Our dedicated bakers have perfectly sculpted the cake’s buttercream frosting into a sea of wool so cuddly-looking that you won’t be able to resist hugging it (not that we recommend it). And who can resist that adorable smile on the sheep’s face? Certainly not us!

For a different sort of cuteness, try getting our Angyfrog Cake. This confectionary amphibian’s grumpy expression will bring tons of laughter to your little one. And unlike real frogs, this one’s skin is covered in sweet icing, not slimy mucus.

Our animal-themed 4-inch kids birthday cakes perfectly demonstrate that big things come in small packages and that, sometimes, it's the little things that make a birthday truly special.

Order Our 4-Inch Kids Birthday Cake now!

Found the perfect 4-inch kids birthday cake for your needs? Then start ordering it online now!

The process is simple: just select the cake base and filling flavors, choose the number and size of candles and write a loving message on the gift card box. Once everything is to your desire, just add the 4-inch round cake to the cart and proceed to the ordering screen.

Our 4-inch kids birthday cakes are always freshly baked at our bakery and then deep-frozen to lock in their freshness. This ensures that they are always fresh on the day they’re delivered.

If you prefer, you can also choose to collect your cake from the Yippii Gift Bakery in Cheras at your convenience. Just click the link to find our location on Google Maps.

FAQs for Kids Birthday Cake (4-Inch)

Why should I choose a 4-inch cake?

The beauty behind these mini 4-inch cakes is that they allow you to sample any flavor you want without having to commit to a full-sized cake. You can enjoy these mini-masterpieces with a friend, a family member or even by yourself — no judgment here!

Their smaller size makes 4-inch kids birthday cakes perfect for smaller birthday gatherings where you don’t have to worry about cutting the right amount of portions for the guests — after all, there won’t be a lot of people to fight over the cake anyway

How much does a 4-inch cake serve?

While sizes may vary from cake to cake depending on the design, the recommended serving size for our mini 4-inch cake is two to three at the most. A layered 4-inch round cake can, however, serve up to eight people at a party.

My child or someone I know has an allergy or dietary restrictions. Would it be possible for you to adjust your 4-inch cake recipe to accommodate their needs?

Yes, it is. We understand the importance of adhering to dietary restrictions and believe that everyone should be able to enjoy our baked goodies. Therefore, should you have any concerns about the ingredients used in our 4-inch cake recipe, kindly WhatsApp us.

We can tweak our 4-inch cake recipe to accommodate your child’s or guests’ specific dietary needs and preferences, ensuring that they get to indulge in our decadent desserts without worrying about their health and safety.

Some of your 4-inch kids birthday cakes come with a toy topper. Is it safe for my kids?

The character toy topper that comes with some of our 4-inch round cake designs, including the Pochacco Yellow Cake and the Winnie the Pooh Cake, is for decoration purposes only. The toy toppers are always washed and cleaned to the fullest to ensure that they are germ-free and safe to put on top of our cakes. Most of the other decorations on our 4-inch round cakes are made out of edible sugar or chocolate, making them safe to eat for most children.

How should I store my 4-inch kids birthday cake once I’ve received it?

Once your 4-inch kids birthday cake arrives on your doorstep, you should put it in the refrigerator as soon as possible to keep its freshness and quality. For maximum freshness protection, we recommend placing the cake inside an airtight container and refrigerating it at temperatures between 0 and 4°C.

Our mini 4-inch cakes are best eaten within two to three days. On the day of your child’s birthday, just before serving it, take the cake out of the fridge and let it sit at room temperature for a short while. This will allow the icing to soften and enhance the cake's flavor and texture.