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Kuromi Cake Online Malaysia

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Kuromi Cake 6 Inch (With Toy)


Cinnamoroll Cake 6 inch Blue (With Toy)


Kuromi Colorful Sprinkles Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Cinnamoroll Cake 6 inch Pink (With Toy)


Melody Cake 6 Inch (Toy)


Kuromi Cake D4" H3.5" (with Toy)


Sanrio Family Cake 6 inch (Toy)


Kuromi Pink Cake 6 Inch (With Toy)


Kuromi Cake Purple D6" H5.5" (With Toy)


Kuromi Vintage Cake 6 Inch (With Toy)


Cupcake - Sanrio 6 Pcs (Fondant)


Kuromi Cake 2D Fondant 3 Inch


Kuromi Colorful Sprinkles Cake 6 Inch (with Toy)


Light Purple Kuromi Cake 8 inch (With Toy)


Melody Cake 8 inch (Toy)


Melody Rainbow Cake 6 Inch (Toy)


Cupcake - Kuromi 4 Pcs (Fondant)


Cinnamoroll Rainbow Cake 8 Inch (With Toy)


Kuromi Pink Purple 2 Tier Cake 6 Inch + 8 Inch (With Toy)


Kuromi Two Tier Cake 4 Inch + 6 Inch (With Toy)


Eeyore Cake 4 Inch (Fondant)


Pompompurin Cake 6 Inch (With Toy)


Cinnamoroll Cake 10 Inch Blue (With Toy)


Kitties Cat Cone Cake 6 Inch (with Toy)


Hello Kitty Cake 2D Fondant 3 Inch


Prepare to unleash your inner devilish charm with Yippii Gift’s Kuromi cake series!

If you’re looking for a cute birthday cake for your little princess, then you have come to the perfect place to find Sanrio cakes for her. Here, you will find some playfully wicked Kuromi birthday ideas that will bring out the mischief-maker in all of us!

More than just confections, our Kuromi-themed cakes are a delightfully magical experience guaranteed to surprise your fun-loving kid or fellow Kuromi fan, regardless of gender, on their special day. Browse our Kuromi cake party collection to find the best Kuromi cakes in Malaysia, perfect for an adorably impish party celebration.

Browse for more fun cake designs: Unicorn Cake Design | Rainbow Cake Design | Mermaid Cake Design | Cocomelon Cake Design | Kuromi Cake Online Malaysia | Mini Cake | Spiderman Cake Design

Also, check out our popular categories: Frozen Cake | Princess Cake | Barbie Cake | Dinosaur Cake Design | Pony Cake

Birthday Kuromi Cake - Purple Kuromi Cake

Purple and black make for a darkly sweet combination. This is especially true with our Kuromi Cake Purple D6" H5.5". Baked to fluffy perfection and enrobed in delightful dark purple and black fondant icing, this cake is a delectable canvas that perfectly captures Kuromi’s mischievous charm. But the fun doesn’t stop there! At the center of this decadent dessert is a Kuromi theme cake topper, an embodiment of everything we love about Sanrio’s most devilish character.

Simple Kuromi Cake

Want something simple yet sweet? This mischievously cute Kuromi Cake 2D Fondant 3-Inch is just the right size for an intimate gathering, a personal celebration or just as a self-reward for a hard day’s work. As the saying goes: Great things come in small packages.

A Devilish Vintage Dessert

Our Kuromi vintage cake combines old-school charm with Sanrio's signature cuteness. It’s the perfect choice for a Kuromi cake party, a Sanrio-themed birthday bash! This vintage-inspired buttercream cake, with its vibrant piped cream decorations, is sure to invoke nostalgic memories in you and your fellow parents. Meanwhile, your kid will be delighted by the devilishly cute Kuromi cake topper gracing the top of this classical confection.

Dark Magic Delight with Kuromi Cake

Picture the look on the birthday girl’s face when you surprise her with our Kuromi Pink Purple 2 Tier Cake! With two tiers of sweet decadence, this playfully wicked Sanrio Kuromi cake is the ultimate centerpiece for any birthday party, anime gathering, or mischievous Halloween celebration. The combination of pink and purple frosting combined with the Kuromi cake topper creates the perfect canvas for displaying the Sanrio character’s devilish yet adorable charm. 

Order your Kuromi cartoon cake now!

Found a Kuromi cake design that spoke to you? Then start ordering it online now!

You can choose the cake base and filling flavors, as well as the size and number of candles. Be sure to write a heartfelt greeting message on the bottom box to show how much you love the birthday recipient. Once everything is to your liking, add the cake to your cart and proceed to the ordering page. Buying a Kuromi birthday cake has never been this easy!

All of our cakes are freshly baked and then deep-frozen to preserve their delicious freshness. This process ensures that your Kuromi-themed cake will always be fresh on the day of delivery. If you prefer, you can also choose to collect your cake from the Yippii Gift Bakery in Cheras at your convenience. Just click the link to find our location on Google Maps.

FAQs for Kuromi Cakes

Are your Kuromi-themed cakes Halal-friendly and safe for those dietary restrictions or allergies?

We strongly believe that everyone, regardless of faith or diet, should be able to enjoy our baked delights. We use only Halal-certified ingredients, ensuring that everyone of all faiths can partake in our delicious desserts.

Additionally, we are always open to hearing about any dietary restrictions you, your child or guests might have. Just contact us on WhatsApp and we will modify our Kuromi cake recipe according to your specific needs and preferences.

The health and safety of you, your friends and your family are our top priority!

Is the Kuromi theme cake topper safe for my kids?

Child safety is one of our top priorities. Most of our Kuromi-themed decorations are made out of icing, sugar or chocolate, making them edible and, thus, suitable for consumption. The Kuromi cake topper that comes with most of our Sanrio Kuromi cakes is for decorative purposes only.

What flavors are available for your Kuromi cake?

Currently, we offer two flavors for the cake base: classic vanilla and decadent chocolate. Our cake fillings also come in a wide variety of delightful flavors: mango, mixed berry, Oreo, chocolate, caramel, and coffee. We encourage mixing and matching flavors in order to create the ultimate taste explosion.

How should I store my Kuromi cake?

Once you’ve gotten your Kuromi cake, put it into an airtight container and place it in your refrigerator, keeping it cooled at temperatures between 0 and 4°C. This keeps the cake fresh and maintains its quality.

Ideally, your Kuromi cake should be eaten within two to three days. Once the special day arrives, take the cake out of the refrigerator and let it set at room temperature before serving. By letting your cake warm up, it will soften the icing and improve the cake’s flavor and texture.

Do you have other cute Sanrio cakes available on your website?

Yes. We are happy to offer you the full range of our Sanrio cakes, featuring favorites like Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin and Melody. And, of course, there’s Hello Kitty herself! Whether it's for the young or young at heart, our Sanrio cakes are guaranteed to surprise and delight.