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Yippii Gift | The best gift for Father's Day

by Yippii Gift on May 18, 2020

Dad, Daddy, Father, Bapa, Old Man

whichever way that you use to address your father. We found most of them are being the timid, quite and protective figure in most of the family. Not sure about yours but ours rarely talk and he spent most of the time watching football & news only. 
Yippii Gift Father Daughther Football Match

Father's Day ...

So, that makes it difficult and a big headache for us to pick a gift for him during Father's Day. You must be thinking how about do a quick search on google, "The Best Father's Day Gift"?
You will most likely end up having suggestions like t-shirt, mug, razor blade or a mower? 😲
That doesn't sounds right or kinda boring, right? Well, as we aged we sort of figured out what our parent want from us the most. You most probably know where we are heading toward! Our accompaniment. YES! As simple as that! Thinking back when's the last time that we spend time talking eyes to eyes with them without scrolling thru Facebook or watching some random Tiktok?
Yippii Gift Scrolling Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok Youtube Video Post

Pick a Cake!

Cake together, opps. I meant get together your siblings or yourself to free up time to spend it with your father & family on this special day for him. Have a few rounds of board game, card game or host a steamboat or bbq party together. As the great brilliant mankind once said, "A party without a cake is just a meeting'. You are not boring kind, aren't you?
So, eat cake today and start picking up the perfect favor for your father. It's not too rush or last minute to get the preparation rolling now. Take some time to pick the right texture of cake whether crepe cake, cheesecake or spongecake. Whether flavor like coffee, durian, dark chocolate or both durian chocolate! Wow, that sounds tempting! 😍😍😍 
Yippii Yippii Yaya! 

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