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Yippii Gift | International Women's Day

by Yippii Gift on May 17, 2021

Best way to Celebrate Women's Day is with Cakes!

March is a special month for all Women and International Women’s Day is fall on 8th March which make it more special than any other days of the year.

Yippii Gift | International Women's Day

Women’s Day, is a day that deserves Sweet & Delightful Celebration. And if you're thinking the same thing as we do when reading this, then you are at the RIGHT place. We, Yippii Gift "baking" sure you gotten the RIGHT cake ranging form Crepe Cake, Cheesecake, Designer Cake or others and we deliver it to your doorstep this March, the coming months and all year long!

Women bring sweetness and happiness to one’s life, just like how cake does! Thus, celebrate this March with cake.

Yippii Gift | Celebrate With Cake

Check out on our top 3 Women’s Day Cakes that will heighten up the Celebration mood!

Layer Sponge Cake

Yippii Gift | Cakes that brings Happiness

Sweet way to Celebrate International Women’s Day! Get fluffy Sponge Cake like Opera Sponge Cake or Over the Rainbow Cake for your female friends, colleagues, superior and family members! Delicious treats to show her your appreciation! Spread your Love & gratitude by deliver these Colorful Cakes to her doorstep that put a SMILE on her!

Personalized Cake

Yippii Gift | Mix & Match Mille Crepe Cake

There're a few “SHEROES” live in your heart! Your life is baked with flavorful moments because of women. It can be your mom, sister or even your lover! So, how about "baking" precious moments into a cake and relishing it? Customize a Vanilla/ Chocolate Celebration Cake for her, brings even more joy by picking her favourite filings! We Offer Customizable Korean Minimalist Cake & Celebration Cake, just scroll & pick the RIGHT combination and we deliver what she loves!

Mille Crepe Cake Buffet

Yippii Gift | Mix & Match Cake Buffet

As it’s HER Day, not sure which cake she will love the most? Give our Best Seller KL Mille Crepe Cake a try. How about Tiramisu, Nutella or Matcha? Why don't get all of them. Mix & match your very cake buffet from 4 slices, 6 slices to 10 slices in a combo.

Yippii Gift | Celebrate Women's Day with Cakes