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Yippii Gift | New Launching Premium Crepe Cake Set 🍰

by Yippii Gift on May 17, 2021


⚡WO-AHHH!! Finally, they're all here! 👯‍♂️🔔Brought to you, the most wanted 【8-mazing Premium Mille Crepe Cakes】 are now available in 【Slices】!

Yippii Gift | Premium Sliced Cake

🔥 强力推荐让顾客们吃了大喊 #Amazing 的 【8 款精选口味】~ 吃完简直欲罢不能的呀!

🍰Introducing the 【8-mazing Premium Mille Crepe Cake】to unlock your cake tasting adventure!
😎Best thing is these cakes are cut into slices! Whoever on-diet pun boleh makan! 🤘

Are you ready to join us for the Cake-venturous?! 😙Check out for the 8 flavours! 👇

🍃斑斓咖椰千层 Pandan Kaya Slice Cake
💯香浓的Pandan Kaya 藏在薄薄的饼皮里,哇, Sibeh Malaysian!
Pandan Kaya in crepe cake! Guarantee Malaysian's Top Choice for tea time!

🌰白巧克力杏仁千层 Snowy White Chocolate Slice Cake
White Chocolate Lovers mustn't missed out this INCREDIBLE White Chocolate + Almond combo!

 🍋百香果开心果千层 Pulpy Passion Fruit Slice Cake
Mix of refreshing sweet & sour taste complement with crunchy Pistachio to munch on~

🍫 黑巧克力薄荷千层 Chocolate Mint Slice Cake
冰冰凉凉的薄荷和巧克力,韩国帅 Oppa 的最爱哦!
Uah~ Cooling Icy sensation with rich chocolate flavor~ Refreshing good Dark Chocolate Mint that you will be wanting for more!

🎂黑森林口味千层 Black Forest Slice Cake
Classic pairing of Dark Chocolate with juicy cherry filling to spoil ALL #Chocolate lovers!!

🌹荔枝玫瑰千层 Lychee Rose Slice Cake
荔枝+玫瑰花瓣~ 哇,这不用多说~ 就是恋爱的滋味嘛~
Fresh juicy lychee pair with faintly hint from roses. That’s what we called the taste of LOVE~

🌴波罗蜜千层 Jackfruit Slice Cake
Just one bite to indulge yourself with a mouthful of bursting tropical jackfruit within paper-thin crepes.

🥜🖤黑芝麻千层 Toasty Black Sesame Slice Cake
The best choice of cake to please your elderly! Wow them with that nutty aroma!

🤤Wah, stop drooling ~~!!! Wait no more and get them now! 🤤🤤🤤

💥1 套 Set/ 4片 Slices RM60
💥2 套 Sets/ 8片 Slices RM120 + FREE DELIVERY

🛒独家特选经典切片千层套餐 》》https://bit.ly/3fUtu0Q
🛒 Premium Sliced Crepe Cake Set >> https://bit.ly/3fUtu0Q