• Customize your cakes and have it delivered within 4 hours*T&C applies. All Cakes are Made with Halal Ingredients Only.

Yippii Gift | Spreading Happiness & Love to all Sweet Tooth!

by Yippii Gift on February 24, 2021

Whether you think you like it sweet or not, we know that at some point, a good cake will definitely cheer up someone.

Yippii Gift | Spreading Happiness & Love to all Sweet Tooth!

Mile Crepe Cake, cheesecake, sponge cake or even a simple muffin has ways to fill up our life with joys, surprises and loves! That’s why we started with this cake business to Yippii Gift | "Bake" & create more happy moment for fellow sweet tooth. Be it baking or sourcing for the right ingredients for cakes require great patience. We put in our time & sweat to "bake" sure every cake that delivered to you so delicious and in perfect form!

Yippii Gift | Customizable designer cake for your special celebration occasion

There're many talented cake bakers in Malaysia. What makes us unique? We started off with specialization in baking French inspired Mille Crepe Cake , Creamy Cheesecake and Fluffy Layered Sponge Cake. We gotten so much supports and loves from all the fellow sweet tooth over Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley & from other states!

WE never stop exploring so to provide y'all the latest, trendy & fun flavored Mille Crepe Cake! Stick with us and we PROMISE to bring more surprise to challenge your taste buds. Lately, we'd launced the most anticipated Korean Minimalist Cake & Stunning Celebartion Cake! Psss, we're too working on special customizable designer cake for your special celebration occasion that will be coming to you so soon!

Yippii GIft | Share & Spread Love with Dessert

For those ADVENTUROUS one, we introduce y'all our signature cake buffet where you are able to taste out all our signature classic mille crepe cake , cheesecake & sponge cake at ONE GO! We're glad to provide variety of choice for EVERYBODY!We strongly believe in sharing and spreading love in the form of desserts! That's our way of love and what keep us striving forward! We’re proud to serve all the fellow sweet tooth with our baked good and we will keep on "Baking" sure your happiness is our first priority!