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Yippii Gift | Sweetest Promo 2 Box Cakes @ RM40!

by Yippii Gift on May 17, 2021

YippiiGift | Bento Cake

💥没错没错,4月最Jeng的优惠来了!超火的INS盒子蛋糕【2盒只要 RM40】!🌟Wow! You can now get【2 Tasty Bento Box Cakes at RM 40】for the month of April

👻【四款蛋糕盒子任选2盒】,只需要【 RM40】耶~~
😎Grab 【2 @ RM40】now! Pay less and enjoy the MAX!

✨Let us run thru each & every Bento Cake Flavour with you:

👍#1 咸蛋黄鸡丝 Salted Egg Chicken Floss
Salted Egg & Chicken Floss combo? It's a shockingly good & addictive savory cake of the year!

👍#2 提拉米苏 Tiramisu
Bringing the rich chocolatey coffee flavour to you! Ti-amo

👍#3 马六甲椰糖椰子 Coconut Gula Melaka
小编绝对是Gula Melaka Cendol超级粉丝,所以老板研发这一个口味时简直让我心花怒放~ 吃一口让你瞬间回到嘛嘛档吹水时光~
If you personally love Gula Melaka, ready to be amazed by this Coconut Gula Melaka cake!

👍#4 芒果 Mango
谁不喜欢芒果,麻烦叫他来试试这一款,小编就怕这一盒不够你们抢着吃~~哈哈哈!Definitely the Mangoficient one! One box wouldn't be enough, that’s all we can say! 😝

赶紧到 Yippii Gift 用 RM40 把它们拿下!~~ 🤸‍♀️
🤭Hurry, you can choose 2 of your favorite flavours now with Promo Price!

🎂 盒子蛋糕 2 @ RM40 >> https://bit.ly/3fX1ycK
🎂 2 Bento Box Cake for RM40 >> https://bit.ly/3fX1ycK