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Making Mango Crepe Cake Recipes

by Yippii Gift on October 10, 2021

There are so many variations of a mango crepe cake recipe but all of them have one thing in common. They all require a crepe topped with a sweet and thick mango filling. Recipes differ because some add other items to the crepe, such as sugar or vanilla extract, while others just use plain old prepared fruit. When you are serving the cake, keep in mind that it will need to be served quickly so plan ahead as to how long it should take for it to set.

mango crepe cake


If you are looking for a great mango crepe cake recipe, then you will certainly enjoy these two recipes. The first one can be made by using frozen bananas that were cut into wedges. You can prepare the bananas by cutting off the insides using a knife or you can also use a food processor. Puree the bananas until they are soft, about two minutes.


If you do not have frozen mangoes available, then you will need to use ripe bananas. Using a food processor is the best way to make this mango crepe cake recipe easy and fast. Then you just put the sliced bananas into the processor and pulse until they become soft. You can add the vanilla to the mixture after it has been pulse, just a touch at a time as you go along. You will end up with a delicious and extremely popular dessert that anyone will be sure to love.


If you do not have fresh mango slices available, then this is an excellent recipe for you to try. In this version of the mango crepe cake, you will need to substitute the cream for some more whipped cream. Whipped cream will give you the desired level of creaminess in this cake and it will also help to thicken the mango slices that you do have.


For a more traditional take on this cake, you can add in some regular cream and then start to pour in the sugar mixture. Once all of the ingredients are mixed and blended well, you will want to gently mix in the cold water. This mixture will thicken the batter so that your cakes are easier to bake with a thin consistency. You may even consider using an electric beater to mix in all of the ingredients before you begin pouring in the cold water. Then you will want to put the cakes into the preheated oven and cook them until they are done. When you remove them from the oven, allow them to cool off and then wrap them in plastic wrap, you can reuse them later for a second or third time.


If you wish to make a different kind of variation on these crepes, you can include in whatever mangoes you have. Just use whatever mango pieces you have that are available in the market, chop them up finely and then add them to the batter. The next step is to add in any other fruits as well as almonds and/or peaches if you wish to have a delicious fruit flavored cake that has a sweet taste to it. When you pour in the water mixture, you will want to start to whip the mixture so that you can get the desired thickness in the batter.


For some people, having a simple mango crepe cake recipe in their kitchen is enough to satiate their own hunger pangs. They simply grab whatever they feel like eating when they are feeling hungry and they will not give a thought to what other flavors could be added to the cakes. However, you will want to pay attention to how the mango crepes are decorated because you will be able to incorporate them into the daily meal routine in your house. You may want to serve the cakes right from the oven so that they do not need a lot of time to bake.


There are some people who will also add in some frozen mangoes and some ripe bananas as well to the batter so that they have a sweet and creamy dessert that they can enjoy all through the year. When you are making the puree for the cakes, you can either choose to have the mangoes or bananas that are fresh and if you have a mass produce in your fridge at the time, you can always substitute it with whatever you have on hand. However, this would be easier said than done because if you are buying mangoes at the time when you want to make a cream cheese version of this desert, you will need to buy fresh mangoes which may take a bit of effort on your part. You can however make a great mangoes puree by using frozen mangoes and bananas and by adding in some frozen blueberries, grapes and whatever other fruit you have at home that is easily available.